U2 First US Tour Live at Club Foot, Austin, TX

I saw U2 on their first US tour promoting the Boy album.  They were playing at a no longer existing Austin club known as Club Foot.  The club was located just off Congress Avenue in what was once an old Greyhound bus terminal.  It was at 110 E.  4th St.  It was a moderate sized two story club.  It has a brief moment in a very poor Austin made no budget film called Future Kill.  It’s worth fast forwarding to the night club scene to get a glimpse of Austin in the early 80’s.

U2 put on an excellent show to a sold out crowd.  The most memorable part of the show was when Bono stopped the show to tell the crowd a story.  He said it was their first time in Texas, and they went to Cavender’s Boots to pick up a pair of cowboy boots.  He said they gave some tickets to the girl who waited on them, and he was wondering if she was in the audience that night.  There was a painful silence, and with a very awkward look on his face, he said, “well, maybe I’ll run into her next time” and they went on with the show.  I’ve never seen a band before or since stop and look so distressed.  I wonder if that girl realizes who they became, and if she regrets not attending.