qualifying for a mortgage.

The purchase of a home actually involves two transactions.  There’s the selection of the home, and the financing of the home.  Of the two, the financing is the bigger issue.  The reason for this is that no matter what you pay for the house, over the lifetime of a 30 year mortgage, you will pay back 3x the amount you paid for the house.

Additionally, there are very real charges upfront in the home buying process, and if you fail to qualify, you will be out that money.  Therefore, having your loan ready, and your terms figured out, will also help you when negotiating your final purchase price.

I recommend that before you get started with any home search,

you start here:

This link will take you to DHI Mortgage, the lender portion of DR Horton homes.  The loan officer I recommend you mention is Eddie Garza.  Eddie is the branch manager for DHI Mortgage, and has many years of experience in all types of mortgage lending.  You will also want to mention me – Don Moriarty – as your agent, so that Eddie will know who to call to give updates too.

Once you’ve completed the online application, Eddie will check your credit and either you will be good to go – in which case we can discuss different types of loans, terms etc., or you will need credit repair.

DR Horton offers the Home Buyer’s Club, which is a free, no obligation credit repair service.  You can enroll in that and they will help you get to the point you can buy a home.  You are not obligated to purchase a DR Horton.  You can purchase any home you want – new, used or foreclosed.

This is just a low stress way to get your credit in shape.

I strongly recommend not using a credit repair service that charges a fee.  This solution is free, and effective and you can use the money you would spend on fees towards repairing your credit.